Thought-provoking...and an interesting framework for digital ad strategy.

From what I have seen over the last 30 years in this game, for most buying or borrowing as you put it will suffice; there will always be innovators that want to hot-rod/mod their tech to meet specific requirements. It costs to be first...and that includes trial and error. The gains might be worth it.

Ultimately it comes down to a financial calculation called "internal rate of return" as well it should licenses and developers are not free resources. Nor is time so the calculation should take all that into consideration.

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Thanks Domenico, appreciate your comments and do agree. I will say that I think sometimes the 'bean counters' can get in the way a bit, sometimes you need to make a jump into the uncertainty if it feels strategically relevant! Hey, easy for me to say, but sometimes it's hard to forecast IRR.

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